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The 215 to Oark...
is not the title of a move!

The 215 to Oark is not a movie title... it's a wonderful ride from the Pig Trail to the tiny berg of Oark.

Ride Synopsis & Highlights:

If you're riding the Pig Trail on AR 23, why not take the 215 to Oark. Oark is a tiny blip on the map in the middle of absolutely nowhere. But that doesn't mean a lot of riders don't make their way there... for the fantastic riding as well as a great burger at the historic 1890s-era Oark General Store. It's the oldest continuously operated general store. AR 215 basically follows the course laid out by the meanderings of the Mulberry River to Oark. The AR 103 runs south to Clarksville. There's a series of hair-raising hairpins that can sneak up on the unaware, or those too absorbed by the scenic beauty of the deep-woods Ozarks to notice the approaching curves that really need your full attention. AR 215 and Oark are part of the TAT.

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