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Cruise (movin' to) the Ozarks

by Ken Everett, Realtor®

When breezin down the two lane twisty's that make up much of the Ozarks highways, thoughts bounce around inside the helmet that shields your head from UV rays ... the amazing diverse scenery, lake and river vistas, the forest of trees and rocky outcroppings, distant hills that resemble the Blue Ridge Mountains, and the occasional glimpse of a homestead nestled amongst the trees and hillsides.

It doesn't matter if you are hanging on to the handlebars, or sitting pretty over the rear tire, the thought will eventually invade your soul ... "I wonder what it would be like to live here."

Dinner conversations include visual memories and various fragrances from the day, along with poignant comments about that stupid vehicle that seemingly oblivious to oncoming highway traffic pulled out in front of you to go 120 yards and turn onto the next road. You survived an amazing journey today in a truly amazing location ... the Ozarks.

As you lay back and begin to fall asleep your mind wanders to those visual glimpses of the homesteads tucked in the hills. You begin to dream ... smells of breakfast linger in the air as you leave your kitchen head out to the garage and fire up your trusty steed. No luggage to tote or specific destination, just a smile on your face as you head to an unknown yet familiar place.

Everyone is busy packing their luggage and preparing their bike for today's ride. For some reason your mind has begun to relax, you've slowed your pace ever so slightly as you head for morning coffee at the motel. Breakfast isn't like the one in your dreams last night. The coffee from the small eating area tastes stale and the smell of burnt waffles fills the lobby. You wander outside and find a ledge to sit on close to your bike. You notice one of those Real Estate magazine racks pick up an issue and start flipping pages. You don't see any homes that resemble the ones you've seen the last few days and you toss the magazine aside.

Your group gathers with their maps to discuss the day's journey. You, as do many others, have a copy of Cruise the Ozarks magazine. Right across from the map is a picture of a Realtor on his bike. It says he knows riders and the area. You wonder if he knows where those homes are that you've been seeing. One of the other riders asks you a question and you calmly smile and say, "Excuse me for a minute I have to call Ken Everett about a house near here."

You wake up to the smell breakfast and fresh coffee. You sit at your table overlooking the lake while you take in the scenery and your meal. You walk to your garage, check out your bike and ignite the day .... you live here now. You've found your "oasis" and you have this never ending smile as you tool down the roads of your new life.

The Beginning.

When you're ready to start your New Beginning, contact Ken Everett, Realtor® to begin your search for the home of your dreams. Call him at 417-598-143, or email Ken at: keverett@caroljones.com You can also visit his website here: keneverett.caroljones.com

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