Water Mills and Springs

Photos by David Bell

  Hodgson Mill Hodgson Mill; Until the last few years, Hodgson Mill was a working mill. It recently sold and renovated. Its classic mill "look" makes it one of most beautiful in the Ozarks.

Mammoth Spring Mammoth Spring; Mammoth Spring, Arkansas, on the Arkansas/Missouri border, is the 10th largest spring in the world. It gushes on average 9.75 million gallons an hour (not day) and the small lake impounded on the spring is a picturesque place to spend an afternoon.

Rockbridge Mill Rockbridge Mill; Rockridge Mill is not a working mill any longer, but it does have a fine restaurant and the mill pond below the spring features trout fishing opportunities. For your dining enjoyment, the restaurant will even clean and cook your catch.

Zanoni Mill Zanoni Mill; The property around this old mill has been turned into a luxury bed and breakfast. This is one of the most beautifully landscaped mill in the area.

Old Dawt Mill Old Dawt Mill; This working Ozark grist mill is the granddaddy of Ozark watermills. It has been turned into an extensive complex offering a restaurant, cabins, canoeing, swimming, and of course, the mill and a museum and gift shop.

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